Germany in the 1970s: the air is filled with an atmosphere of change. More and more people are deciding they want to consciously alter the way they live. They want unadulterated, natural foods, they want to move away from industrial farming, and they’re prepared to do something about it.
Against this backdrop, Walter Lang sets to work on a self-sufficiency project on an idyllic old farm in Drebber, Germany. Here, the first fruit slices are painstakingly made by hand on a home-made press with honey produced on the farm and dried fruit. The advocates of the emerging health food movement are excited. Allos makes the transition from self-sufficient farm to a popular organic brand.



Allos came across amaranth, the wonder corn of the Incas, in South America in the early 1980s and brought the nutrient-rich superfood back to Germany. Allos and amaranth: a story of love and success that continues to this day. Allos was the first organic food producer to supply the health food retail sector with nutrient-rich amaranth grown on German farms.
Making sweet foods as healthy as possible: this has always been an important objective at Allos. The organic pioneers introduced the first agave syrup to German health food shops back in 1997 – nowadays, this nutrient-rich alternative to granulated sugar and other sweeteners is an indispensable product in the organic world.
The range of products available from Allos grows with the new discoveries and is enhanced with all sorts of wholesome breakfast cereals, snack bars, fruit spreads and biscuits. With products ranging from marath mueslis and Hofgemüse spreads to Frucht Pur snack bars, Allos is constantly developing organic originals that are delight the taste buds of people who lead health-conscious lives.