About us

What drives us

Our enthusiasm for organic and sustainable enjoyment has its roots in the pioneering days. It is the spirit of this time that drives us at Allos after more than 40 years even today. With passion and care we produce natural and delicious tasting food. Just like our founder Walter Lang did for his family back in the 1970s. What started at the Allos self-provider farm still moves both us and our wind turbine on site today. The spirit of the pioneering days not only benefits the quality of our products. It also means that we promise natural enjoyment of our products day by day, every day!

In harmony with nature

We live and love organic. We love what we do and we love all that nature is giving us. How we act and deal with man and nature is based on an attitude that originated in the pioneering days of the natural food movement.

So we rely 100% on green electricity, are committed to work towards a ban of genetic engineering and glyphosate use and instead promote biodiversity.

As an organic pioneer from the very beginning, we are passionately doing what we can for our environment.

In respectful togetherness

We want things to always be fair and just. Our partners and farmers are therefore part of an appreciation chain. We work with them - for the long term. An open exchange also shapes the coexistence of our employees, thus promoting diversity and creativity.

It's true that secret recipes are never revealed, but that we value each other and want to protect man and nature is certainly an ingredient of our recipe for success.