About us

How we live "organic"

Everything organic? Yes, everything is organic at Allos.
Because we want to live and love organic, to think ahead and to develop further. We do what we do out of a conviction that our founder has already exemplified: the original organic idea includes not only healthy nutrition but also the cultivation and production of food in harmony with nature. The spirit of the pioneering days is both a conviction and an impulse for us. It lets us develop sustainable products that taste delicious and that you can enjoy with a clear conscience. Also you can be sure that there is nothing in it that does not belong there.

Organic means everything to us

We are convinced that good food should be natural and genuine. That's why our products carry the EU organic label. And because we want to think ahead and develop organically, we set ourselves strict rules.

For example: in organic products 49 additives are allowed according to EU regulation - in conventional products even 316. We use only six. And only those that occur in nature and that are essential as auxiliaries in the processing of our products, such as pectin, which we need for the gelation of our fruit spreads.

When we use palm oil, it is from sustainable organic farming and RSPO certified (Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil). And that is only a small part of our quality and sustainability aspirations.

Certified and delicious

We guarantee delicious taste and quality for our organic originals. Because we have a close eye the whole process: from raw materials to processing and packaging. Being open and transparent is important to us. For this reason, we have opted for the full declaration on our products.

We indicate each individual ingredient. That's more than what the law requires and what is common in the food industry. We do it on our own accord and let you keep a sharp eye on us.

Our production facilities are IFS certified and thus comply with the International Featured Standards Food certification Higher Level. Certified and delicious - our aspiration for the real Allos enjoyment.