Everything in Balance

Endless possibilities and limitless networks have become an integral part of our lives.

But despite all the positive aspects of the modern world, we also repeatedly find ourselves asking how we can manage to find a balance between family, friends, work and our own needs.


With this in mind:

it’s all the more important to stay in shape and eat the right diet that gives our bodies long-lasting energy that won’t weigh us down.

Therefore Allos came up with the idea #EatLifeBalance for you.

Alana wideThis initiative for more well-being provides valuable tips and tricks on how you can go through your stressful day feeling healthier, fit and especially balanced.

With the breakfast expert Allos you will have a good start into the day full of power. Next to exercise and refreshing sleep, a balanced diet is key for an active lifestyle and a positive attitude towards life. This is confirmed by our nutritionist Alana Bonnemann.

Nutritionist Alana Bonnemann knows that a balanced diet, exercise and a restful night’s sleep are more than just a trend. These three key cornerstones of an active life and a positive attitude towards life help us to find a balance between all the different areas of our lives.

The right breakfast plays a crucial role when it comes to achieving a good #EatLifeBalance!

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What's in it for me?

With Allos #EatLifeBalance you in increase your well-being and reduce your stress. With the helpful tips about exercise and nutrition you are well prepared to tackle new tasks.  Draw strength from within and help yourself feel well! Discover your #EatLifeBalance!

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Nutritionist Alana knows…

The right breakfast is essential for a good #EatLifeBalance!

It is as important for a good start into the day, as some healthy sleep the night before.

The energy that you fill up on is helping you on your journey through the day. Often your mood for the rest of the day is determined by the quality of your breakfast.

Alana Bonnemann is a trained nutritionist and an alternative practioner. In her work, Alana has already inspired lots of people to adopt a healthier and more self-aware approach to life.

Together with Allos, Alana develops helpful tips and tricks for a balanced #EatLifeBalance.


Feel good with the right breakfast!

Those who eat a wholesome breakfast in the morning have energy for hours and spend less of their day fighting fatigue, low concentration and bad moods. Allos Amaranth mueslis and porridges supply long-lasting energy* without weighing you down, giving you just what you need for the perfect day!

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Eating the right breakfast is essential

Those who skip breakfast run the risk of experiencing a low blood sugar level, so they are in danger of developing unhealthy cravings for snacks or drinks with a high glycaemic index later in the day.

What does the glycaemic index mean?

The glycaemic index (GI) is an indication of how quickly carbohydrates are absorbed into the bloodstream. Simple carbohydrates from foods containing lots of refined sugar have a high GI. They are broken down by the body quickly, so they make their way into the bloodstream fast. We often experience a sharp slump in our energy levels after eating these kinds of foods.

If food is digested more slowly by the body, glucose gradually makes its way into the bloodstream. This produces a more stable blood sugar level and results in more constant energy levels.



Did you know?

ALLOS Amaranth - Long-lasting energy* which won’t weigh you down!

AN INDEPENDENT STUDY CARRIES OUT BY THE UNIVERSITY OF HANOVER HAS SHOWN THAT: While a conventional basic muesli without Amaranth results in a rapid rise in blood sugar levely, eating Allos Amaranth MUESLI CLASSIC causes blood sugar levels to rise more slowly.

This is because Allos Amaranth MUSLI CLASSIC has a lower glycaemic index than conventional basic muesli without Amaranth.

Here is the study.

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Plant based Power for you!

Perfect for mueslis, porridges or smoothies, the Allos Drinks come in six different tastes.

No matter if rice, almond, oats, spelt, soya or rice-coconut - with the plant based Allos Drinks in premium organic quality you do yourself and your Environment a favour.

They are a perfect alternative to milk, since they are high in fibre and polyunsaturated fatty acids.

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*Magnesium helps to reduce tiredness and promotes a normal metabolism