Biscuits and Bars

Amaranth and other Bars

That Amaranth and Cocoa are a dream team was already known to the ancient Incas and Aztecs and that's how the combination got to be one of the first sweets in the world. We also discovered Amaranth for the German organic market in the 1980s. We love Amaranth! Not only because it is rich in fiber, iron, magnesium and proteins, but also because it is so versatile. For example, in our classic, the Allos Amaranth chocolate bar: it is popped amaranth coated in delicious chocolate. Amaranth is also great with corn: it makes our corn waffles with chocolate a perfect crispy, tasty and light snack. Without any amaranth but still delicious: our sesame bars. Covered with bee honey they are a delicious, gluten-free treat.

And then there's the question: praline or bar? Both! Because we have combined pralines and bars at the Allos Choco Confiserie. The delicious result: Praliné bars with fine ingredients in organic quality. A heavenly experience for your taste buds.