Biscuits and Bars


We love to surprise you again and again with a delicious variety of different wholegrain biscuits. Pure, sometimes with chocolate, sometimes stacked - but always with craftsmanship, pioneering spirit and a lot of love, we ensure organic biscuit enjoyment as if it was home-baked. Whether at tea time or at a picnic - biscuits always fit in. We have been offering delicious biscuits for both young and old for more than 30 years. Our children's biscuits are baked with wholemeal flour, but without yeast and egg. They come in fun animal shapes and are just waiting to be turned into crumbs. Just right for little sweet-toothed kids and so delicious that even the young at heart will enjoy them. And because snacking should be fun, there are little puzzles on the back of every package that invite you to play.