Dairy Alternatives

Our dairy alternative are as versatile as your taste and as diverse as nature is: herbal almond, oat, soy, coconut, rice and other natural and organic ingredients. You can use them on cereals, for baking, cooking or shaking. And, of course, you can enjoy them pure. Refine your muesli with the Allos Oat-Almond Drink, pimp your favorite smoothie with a dash of Allos Rice-Coconut Drink or experience an even more aromatic cake with the Allos Oat Drink. Our dairy alternatives are ready for anything! And with the almond drink you have a delicious alternative with 0% sugar! Even if you want a herbal cream alternative to refine your dishes, we have just the thing for you: whether soy, almond or coconut.

But we do not just want the content to convince you. That's why our new packaging has not only been redesigned, but is now also made from 88% renewable raw materials. The cap is made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) made from sugarcane - and in production we rely on a 100% closed loop that allows us to almost completely avoid waste.