Amaranth Bar Dark Chocolate, 140 g


Dark chocolate* (52 %) (cocoa mass*, raw cane sugar*, cocoa butter*, strongly de-oiled cocoa powder*), amaranth* popped (26 %), honey*. Cocoa in the chocolate: at least 70 %. Information for allergy sufferers: Can contain traces of gluten, milk, other nuts/edible nuts, sesame and soya.

Allergies warnings

peanuts and peanut productstraces possible
cereals containing gluten and cereal productstraces possible
milk and dairy products including lactosetraces possible
nuts and nut productstraces possible
sesame seeds and sesame productstraces possible
soybeans and soyproductstraces possible
cashewtraces possible
spelttraces possible
vegetables / legumestraces possible
barleytraces possible
oatstraces possible
hazelnuttraces possible
cow's milk proteintraces possible
lactosetraces possible
macadamiatraces possible
corntraces possible
almondstraces possible
milk proteintraces possible
brazil nutstraces possible
pecantraces possible
pistachiotraces possible
queensland nuttraces possible
ryetraces possible
walnuttraces possible
wheattraces possible
cinnamontraces possible

Nutritional values & analytical results per 100 g

energy content in kJ / 100 g or 100 ml2075 kJ / 497 kcal kJ
total fat content in grams27 g
of which saturates16 g
carbohydrates in grams per 100g50 g
of which sugars33 g
protein content in grams per 100g9,8 g
salt0,01 g
determining the nutritional values byanalysis