A study proves: Amaranth muesli classic provides long-lasting energy*!

An independent study from the University of Hannover about our Amaranth muesli classic proves: While conventional basic cereals without Amaranth increases the blood sugar rapidly, the consumption of Amaranth muesli classic creates a slower increase in the blood sugar level.

This can be attributed to the lower glycemic index of Amaranth muesli classic, in comparison to conventional basic cereals without Amaranth.



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The glycemic index (GI) indicates how fast carbohydrates reach the blood stream. Simple carbohydrates from food with a high content of refined sugar have a high GI. They are consumed rapidly by the body and reach the blood stream fast. After consumption you usually get a quick energy burst.

If foods get digested slowly by the body, the glucose gets dispensed bit by bit into the blood. The level of blood sugar is more stable and our energy level more constant.


An optimal start with Amaranth mueslis

The original – Allos Amaranth mueslis now back with the original recipe!

20% valuable Amaranth, whole grain cereal flakes and seeds, fruits, berries, nuts or dark chocolate – the Allos Amaranth mueslis are naturally delicious and rich in fibre. An ideal component of a balanced breakfast as they supply magnesium and depending on the type rich in iron and protein! Allos Amaranth products from the breakfast expert and Amaranth pioneer Allos were developed and created on the Allos farm.



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Growing Trend for warm breakfast: The Allos Amaranth breakfast porridge

With Amaranth breakfast porridges everybody can easily prepare themselves a balanced warm breakfast. Besides the 20 % of valuable Amaranth, oats and spelt full grain flakes, linseed and rich superfoods, delicious Berries or nuts, give you long lasting energy without weighing you down.

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A balanced diet, exercise and a refreshing sleep are three important pillars for an active life in our fast moving times. Find your way to more balance in your daily routine and follow #EatLifeBalance for a positive attitude to life and more vitality!


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*Magnesium contributes to the reduction of fatigue and to a healthy metabolism.

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