Green Matcha Smoothie with Amaranth Porridge

The perfect breakfast to go for those who want to be productive and make the most of their day. The combination of fine matcha powder and wholegrain cereals is a great source of nutrients and energy – at home or on the go.

Ingredients for 1–2 servings

Approx. 300 ml oat milk (alternatives include cow’s milk, soya, almond or rice milk)
Approx. 40 g Allos VITA KORN AMARANTH® matcha porridge

2 tbsp natural yogurt

A handful of spinach

1 ripe banana

3 tbsp frozen berries

A touch of cinnamon 

1. Pour the VITA KORN AMARANTH® matcha porridge into a mixer along with the oat milk or milk alternative, the frozen berries, a ripe banana, yogurt, a handful of spinach and some honey or agave syrup to taste.

2. Blend to a creamy consistency (20–90 seconds depending on the mixer).

3. Optional: dust with cinnamon.