Good for all of us

Thinking ahead organically means working together to make a better world a reality. Behind all this are people. Employees in our company, in the organic trade and all of you who buy our products. To motivate and be a role model: that is what we want.

Natural food has always been more than organic

Many companies in the organic sector have emerged because the founders wanted to get something in motion socially. The industry has started to build a different world of business. This created a close-knitted community and has shaped the natural food industry for over 40 years.

It is committed to a sustainable diet and lifestyle and committed to a holistic quality of food. And this dates back to decades before organic food became a megatrend.

Also on board and a part of this is the natural food specialist trade, with whom we share common values. We are happy to be part of the colorful, diverse and committed organic industry.

Acting sustainably together

We are not alone in our desire to achieve sustainable good: Together with other exemplary companies, we are involved in various associations, initiatives, interest groups and sustainability projects.

We accompany some as a founding member right from the beginning and look forward to common progress. Bantam, for example, supports the cultivation of seed-proof corn varieties and sets an example against genetic engineering. And as a member of the honey association, we are committed to sustainable beekeeping.

Together with many other companies, we have founded an alliance for an agriculture suitable for our grandchildren: "Ackergifte? Nein Danke!". The initiative is against the use of glyphosate and other toxins in agriculture, as it represents a health threat. In addition, some field crops from conventional agriculture spread across the country and can also damage organic farming. Therefore, this action is a determined commitment to organic agriculture.

We are B Corp™ certified

Part of our own sustainability strategy is to make our responsibility to society and the environment even more exemplary.

We firmly believe that successful companies should use their power to solve societal challenges rather than just maximize profits.

That's why we got B Corp™ certified. We are officially one of about 2,600 certified companies from 60 countries worldwide - and are very proud of it.

Save food!

In Germany, 18 million tons of food are wasted every year: one truckload per minute. A scandal, we think.

Food needs to be higher valued, and we want to create greater awareness in society and politics. In practical terms, this means for us: We regularly donate products to SIRPLUS. The Germany-wide Social Impact Start-up saves food and guides it back into the economic cycle. Donated food is resold in food saving markets and an online shop or donated.

We want to make it normal to save food and make everyone a food saver.


Because we are convinced that economics and ecology need to go together, we are part of UnternehmensGrün.

With more than 270 member companies, we work together for better conditions in the field of sustainable business. The association stands for the combination of ecology, economy and social responsibility and designs concepts and ideas that are closely linked to the entrepreneurial practice of the member companies.

Together with UnternehmensGrün, we work for responsible business practices. Practices that are not promoted outward, but also lived and adhered by on the inside.