Good for the environment

Everything we process in our products comes from nature. Therefore it is important to us to do our part to keep our ecosystem intact. Our pioneering spirit helps us.

We create buzz

Sustainable commitment reaches far for us and starts right outside the farm gate - for the environment in our region: long before the protection of bees has become such a focus in the public interest, we set new impulses in terms of biodiversity and species conservation.

With a project close to our hearts "Bee in search of Blossom", we help to ensure habitat and food for bees with our flower meadows. What began as a trainee project on the Allos farm with a small flower strip has now become a major project.

We have grown 45,000 square meters of flower meadows in 2018 alone. We rave about this cause - and have already found many dedicated bee friends to support it as well.

In addition to planting our own flower meadows and supporting various communities and associations, we also help schools, beekeepers and farmers by sponsoring seeds for sowing flower areas.

We distribute 100,000 seed sachets a year, their content is enough to create about 1.5 square meters flower variety with cornflowers, marigolds, borage and other bee-friendly flowers. The more people join in, the better - in your garden or on your small balcony: every square meter counts!

Only selected ingredients

Since our founding in 1974, we have relied only on high-quality raw materials from organic farming to make naturally delicious foods that do not require artificial fertilizers or synthetic sprays.
This creates food that has a sustainable supply chain from the field to the consumer and that is processed with care.

Energy - naturally sustainable

100% green electricity from the region? Made from water, sun, organic mass and wind? No question that we are consistently committed to this!

Our own wind turbine has been spinning since 1989 - to supply itself and us with electricity. And since 2004, green electricity from hydropower has provided the energy for the Allos farm.

In 2013, at our plant in Freiburg, we installed our own photovoltaic system due to the initiative of an employee. Two years later, we doubled our space, and in 2018 we created more than 180,000 kilowatt hours of electricity from solar energy.

For the past five years, we have also continuously reduced our electricity and gas expenditure. Full of energy, we actively take action against our climate problem. Beyond saving energy, we continue step by step. We reduce our ecological footprint and detect potential for improvement in the entire production process to save resources.

Sustainably packed

We are constantly looking for and developing new, sustainable packaging solutions. The goal is to reduce waste and at the same time to save CO2 and conserve valuable resources such as water - as food-safe as necessary and as environmentally friendly as currently possible. Simple recipes do not exist here. Because it is clear that we always have to see the big picture and weigh the options.

After all, packaging has a very important function: it protects our products, preserves quality and safety. It guarantees the minimum shelf life of a product, is an information carrier, should be cheap and ecologically sound. The packaging has to be a real all-rounder.

Therefore, many years ago we founded our own focus group on the topic of "sustainable packaging" and are looking for optimal solutions for our product range in a multi-site project team.

As a result, we have already been able to improve much on our packaging:
We have banned plasticizers, products in glass have a screw cap without plasticizer and PVC. We do not bleach our teabags, have abolished the metal clips and are our teabags are 100% plastic-free. For foils, we use only water-based colors, which saves CO2.

We think in new directions and work together with packaging specialists.
Because: There is always something to improve.