Good for me

With our organic food we want to contribute to a well-balanced diet. A diet that tastes delicious and is fun - and is simply natural.

Breakfast on the Allos farm

Since 2010 our "breakfast on the farm" introduces kindergarten children and elementary school students to healthy, wholesome nutrition. At the same time we show the special nature of organic food and strengthen the relationship to nature.

Having breakfast together, enjoying spending time with each other, playing games, puzzling, having fun and smelling the "breeze on the farm" lets the children experience what ecological, sustainable agriculture really means.

Our recipe forge in Drebber

Drebber is the home of the traditional Allos farm. Many of our products are made here, but new ones are launched as well. In the recipe forge, our experts in product development, quality assurance and production do their work with a lot of pioneering spirit.

Again and again they try out new raw materials and recipes. Handcrafted manufacturing creates true organic originals: foods that are naturally tasty and good for you, your children, our environment and those involved in their production.

Organic food is good for all of us

Of course, as an organic pioneer, we are also truly believe in organic food. For us, a diet with organically grown, sustainably produced and unadulterated foods is the most sensible type of diet. Not only does it help us to live healthier lives, it is also more sustainable for nature than the conventional production of food.

Have you read some headlines claiming that organic foods are not any healthier than conventionally produced ones? We believe the benefits of a biological diet are hard to miss!

A new study* has looked at this closely and provides real arguments: Organic products, for example, have a much higher content of health-promoting antioxidants. Organic farmers do not use fertilizer containing nitrate and chemical-synthetic crop protection products are also not used. This is why organic products have a more positive eco-balance and are less polluted with environmental toxins.

Do you need more arguments or are you, like us, of the opinion that "organic food is good for all of us - and for the environment as well"?

* Sanders J, Hess J (eds) (2019) "Leistungen des ökologischen Landbaus für Umwelt und Gesellschaft." Braunschweig: Johann Heinrich von Thünen-Institut